Works On All Generation 2G, 3G and 4G

Everywhere Every Time

Use your phone when you need it.
Clear and reliable 3G and 4G voice
and data. Goodbye, dropped calls.

13,000 sq ft Coverage

Ideal for a building, Cel-Fi has a
large coverage area - up to 13,000
Sq. Ft. (1,235 m2).

Simultaneous Users

High capacity signal booster,
handle many simultaneous calls
and high speed data.

Auto Configuration

Cel-Fi signal booster automatically
configures itself according to your


All Wireless

The Window Unit and the Coverage Unit communicate wirelessly, which makes setup a breeze.

Internal Antennas

Four internal high gain directional
antennas, automatically selected
for best coverage.

Easy on Battery

your cell no longer has to use all of
its energy trying to reach out to a far
away cell site, it lasts longer and
requires less charging.

Need More Bars

1 bar of 3G or 4G signal near one
window is all you need! Cel-Fi does
the rest.

If you are irritated with your mobile phone signal and planning to change the mobile operator then wait. We have batter and reliable solution for. Mobile signal booster is the solution of your every problem related to the mobile phone network and the signals. The device works in underground stations,remote areas, and construction sites where the reception problem is mostly faced.

The cellular repeater is similar to the cellular broadcast towers used for broadcasting by the network providers, but are much smaller, and therefore they can be implanted in the building also. The device covers an area equivalent to the 13,000sq ft and can strengthen the signals of multiple cell phones at a same time.

Some models of mobile signal booster can be implanted in the building like wi-fi are installed in the commercial place or at homes and some can be directly attached to the mobile phones like the power bank, which are used to charge the cell phone.The other models can be equipped with in the automobiles, which comes handy while commuting.

The gadget also reserves the battery of the mobile phone, since the phone is not at the edge of finding the signals every time.The device is also known as an amplifier as it amplifies the network and elude dropping of the calls.

The signal booster not only boost the signals for calls only, rather it enfolds text messaging, accessing internet, video calling and much more that it can excelled from the normal signal. It caters to the different demands of the people Mobile Signal Booster in India is available in for different types, that are 2G, 3G,GSM and CDMA.

Moreover,We action India Home Products provide cellular booster of all mobile operators such as Bharti Airtel, Vodafone India, idea cellular, Reliance Communications, BSNL, Aircel, Tata DoCoMo, Videocon, MTNL and so on. A wide range of the mobile signal booster is available at online and offline spy shops and stores at the cheap price. The interested people can buy Mobile Signal Booster in Agra from the suppliers and dealers of the cellular repeater.